Spectator Guide

Motor sport contributes over £6 billion to the British economy, it is also contributing significantly towards improving environmental issues, and Anglesey Circuit was the first circuit to commit to the British government’s Energy Efficient Motor Sport initiative.

 In January 2009, the circuit was honoured to receive the top prize in the Tourism and the Environment category at the Anglesey Tourism Awards. Each year at Anglesey Circuit includes many aspects of motor circuit usage, from manufacturers developing efficiency and reliability and alternative power sources to our spectator events listed in this brochure which include motorcycle races, car races, stage rallies and sprints.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Race Events
For cars or motorcycles racing wheel to wheel. Each race meeting would normally have several different races for a variety of categories. The number of starters depends on the type of event, which circuit is in use and the specification of the competing car or motorcycle.
Car sprinting is basically time trials for a wide selection of different vehicles. The cars start individually and usually complete a lap and three quarters of the circuit, finishing their timed run at a different place to the start, thus allowing the next car to start before the previous car has finished. Interest for the spectator would often be the different types of cars assembled in the paddock more than the track activity.
Stage Rallies
Referred to as a single venue event as all the rally stages are made up not only on the various circuit layouts but on occasion using some of the service roads as well. Approximately 80 to 90 cars compete using the specially prepared stages, of which there are several, offering spectators continuous action.
Professional drifting competitions are judged according to the speed, angle, showmanship and line taken through a corner or set of corners.
Motorsport Flags
Green Flag All Clear
Yellow Flag Hazard Ahead
Red Flag Race or Practice Session Stopped
Blue Flag Overtaking Flag
Slippery Surface Oil, Debris or Surface Change
Black Flag Driver or Rider Disqualified
Mechanical Problem Mechanical problem
White Flag Service Vehicle on Track
Driver Conduct Driver Conduct
(Cars Only)
Safety Car Safety Car
(Bikes Only)
Last Lap Last Lap Flag
(Bikes Only)
Chequered Flag End of Race or Practice Session
Cafe & Bar Opening Times
The Cafe is open during all trackday, test day and spectator events from 7am - 9pm. Also open on Thursday evenings prior to all race events during the summer. The bar is also open from 6pm on Thursdays & Fridays, and from 12pm till late during spectator events.
Circuit Map