Drone Flying Policy

Anglesey Circuit operates a strict policy on the flying of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Drones.

The flying of UAV’s is strictly prohibited for recreational purposes by the public. Exceptions are made for the Media during events and private hire.

Please contact the Press Officer, Andrew Môn Hughes on 01407 811400 during office hours, at least 7 working days prior to the event if you wish to use an UAV. The Circuit is in close proximity to an active military airbase, therefore these rules will be strictly enforced, and you may not be permitted unless cleared by the CAA for which a liaison fee may be charged.

Anglesey Circuit complies with the operational directives of the Motor Sport Association and the Auto Cycle Union’s ruling on the use of UAV’s. An extract from each governing body is included below, however the circuit follows the MSA policy on any day as included below.

MSA Policy Document
As 15th November 2016

Drones are becoming increasingly prevalent and the MSA appreciates that they allow for the capture of video footage that may offer promotional benefits for the sport. However safety is the overriding concern and this policy sets out the MSA’s clear position on the use of drones at events run under its general regulations. Recreational use of drones is not allowed at events run under an MSA Permit.

Commercial/media operators may only use drones for aerial work at events run under an MSA Permit when all of the following requirements are met:

  • The drone operator holds a valid CAA Permission and operates within the parameters of that CAA Permission at all times
  • The drone operator holds a minimum £5 million public liability insurance cover, specific to aerial work
  • The drone operator prepares an operations plan and submits it to the event organiser in advance
  • The drone operator has the prior written agreement of the event organiser and venue owner, and operates within the parameters of their permissions, which may be more restrictive than a CAA Permission
  • The drone operator signs on with the event organisers before operating the drone
  • The drone operator does not overfly the competition course (track or stage), and any assembly areas, including spectator areas, paddocks and service areas
  • The drone operator obeys the instructions of event Marshals and/or Officials at all times.
  • In the case of stage rally events, the drone operator must also hold MSA Rally Media Accreditation.

Auto Cycle Union (ACU) Rules – Article 3.16.1 of the National Sporting Code

Small unmanned aircraft (Drones) 1. Subject to the prior agreement with the Event Organiser, any person wishing to operate a Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drone) in the vicinity of an ACU permitted event must provide proof of adequate insurance and sign on at an event in the same manner as any other Media type person. Any small unmanned aircraft being operated at an ACU event must comply with the rules and regulations as provided by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or other statutory regulatory body responsible for these matters.

Civil Aviation Authority