Single Seater Trackdays

Anglesey Circuit Introduce Single Seater Track Days!

For many years there has been a big growth in the number of club racing saloon and sports car competitors thanks to the introduction of Circuit Track Days. For those who have cars in garages but no current race licence the chance of getting out on track anywhere other than an airfield with a Single Seat Race Car is difficult. Anglesey Circuit has considered all these issues and launch a new way to get involved in Single Seater Race Car driving.
Whether you have a car you want to try, or one that needs the dust blown off after resting in your garage we very much look forward to welcoming you to our Single Seater Track Days!

Just £185.00 per car
Includes one additional driver and free garage hire.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there are currently no events available.

Could you please email and let us know whether we can carry your booking forward to a future test day or whether you would like a refund?

We hope to see you back at Anglesey soon – safe, healthy and enjoying motorsport.