Rally TrackDays


For years track days have been the entry point to many potential race circuit competitors who have then progressed to racing, mainly in Sports and Saloon Cars. Changes in legislation and the cost of hiring traditional rally stages has limited the availability of venues and in the more recent past there has been a growing trend towards Single Venue, Circuit based Stage Rallies.

Motorsport News has seen the potential of this new rally discipline and created a championship which is proving ever more popular. This raised some thoughts here at Anglesey Circuit and we believe that the time has come for rallying to share in the growth of interest in the sport that can be achieved through the track day concept. Our new stage Rally Track Day will allow drivers and co-drivers to take part without the need for a full rally competition licence and in their own car.

Event Cancellation and Refunds  


The Trac Mon stage Rally Track Day will require the following for any driver taking part:

Current DVLA Road Licence Anybody driving must present their licence for checking at Sign In
Safety Helmet Open Face in a Saloon or Sports Car with a fixed hard top. Full face for an Open Top Car or anything with a Soft Top, even if the Top is up!
Seat Belts/Seat Harnesses Must be worn at all times by driver and co-driver whilst on Circuit
Clothing We will not be insisting on Fireproof overalls but we will be checking to make sure that all drivers and co-drivers have their arms and legs covered; the exception to this is that anyone in a car with proprietary door cards  (smooth contoured finish) may have short sleeves.
Your Car We will accept road cars and competition cars for this event but in either case they must be capable of being driven on the road or sufficiently prepared to be able to pass scrutineering for a competition event.  A competiton car bought to the circuit on a trailer is welcome provided that it meets this criteria. Please check fluid levels, including fuel, before taking part today.  Please check that there are no leaks from coolant, fuel or oil before taking part.  Please make regular checks on tyre pressures, wheel nuts and vehicle condition during the event.
Passengers Rallying involves a team of two, a driver and a Co-Driver. Drivers can automatically become a co-driver/passenger but a Co-Driver must sign on as an Additional Driver to that team if they want to drive on stage at anytime during the event.  Please make this clear at Signing On. Co-Drivers must occupy the front passenger seat of the car and there will be no rear seat passengers allowed at any time.
Noise Cars must be silenced to 100dB at 0.5m on a static noise test