A Sixpence in the Settee


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“A Sixpence in the Settee” is a collection of thirty-two stories from master storyteller Frank Melling – each one posing a different question for the reader.
There’s something for everyone – from science fiction and fantasy to the realities of modern day life. Comedy and tragedy are represented in equal proportions.

  • Why should a sixpence in a battered old settee be so important?
  • What do seagulls think about tourists?
  • Do Health and Safety Regulations exist in Purgatory?
  • How do Gods get temporary staff?
  • Is it possible to find love at a supermarket checkout till?
  • How far would you go to bring about peace in the world?
  • What happens when a sniper’s bullet misses its intended target?
  • Can computers fall in love?

Frank takes the reader on an incredible journey from the President of the United States in his Oval Office to a meeting with a rather posh and fashion-conscious lady dragon.
The thirty-two stories mix hard, gritty reality with the gentlest of fantasy worlds.

Every tale invites the reader to take part in the decisions the characters make, with ideas which will stay with you forever.

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