BMW Motorrad Performance Academy

Mon 25th April

Motorcycle Trackday
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Noise Limit: 103dB(A) Static
Circuit: Coastal (1.55 Miles)

Admission to the venue is free for trackday events.
All Track Days are run with a noise limit as stated above

Event Information

BMW Motorrad Performance Academy

The BMW Motorrad Performance Academy uses the thrilling 1.55-mile Coastal layout. Highlights include the undulating Corkscrew, the high-speed Church corner, and the heavily cambered Banking hairpin.

As a key part of each course you will have access to a wide range of BMW Motorrad performance bikes, progressing from the F 900 R, S 1000 R, S 1000 RR and up to the range-topping M 1000 RR as you take on the most advanced levels of the Performance Academy.

BMW Motorrad Performance Academy instructors include some of the fastest racers in the UK who currently race or have previously raced BMW machinery at the highest level.

To take part in any BMW Motorrad Performance Academy courses, you must be over the age of 21 and hold a valid UK Motorcycle licence issued by the DVLA. Provisional or A1/A2 restricted licences are not accepable.

All Riders must wear the following, at all times whilst on the circuit:

  • A one- or two-piece leather suit that MUST zip together fully i.e., around the whole body
  • A helmet that meets BSI 6658 type A, with the ACU gold stamp
  • Calf-length Leather motorcycle boots
  • Leather motorcycle gloves, with a cuff strap that must go over the cuff of your leathers
  • A back protector

Please note: Titanium sliders and boot edges are prohibited

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